Return to winter…

Winter Evening, Ridgewood Road-oil-panel-16x20 copy

“Winter Evening, Ridgewood Rd.”

Here we are again… winter is upon us. (And it’s 2016, I’ve not written here for  awhile!)

Winter. Not quite official on the calendar yet but the indicators are all here: colder temperatures, shorter daylight, sky that is more often grey than blue, (at least here in New Hampshire) fewer birds, the smell of woodsmoke, the crackle of fire in the stove, puffy quilts, warm socks, hot tea … Winter is not my favorite season but like most hard core New Englander’s, I embrace the beginning of it like a happy reunion with an old friend, all cozy and nostalgic. By February though, that friend has become an annoying, guest who just won’t leave. It happens every time!

Oh well, time to gather in. For me, it’s a wonderful time to work in the studio. With fewer outdoor distractions like birding, gardening and swimming… I can better focus. All those creative ideas that lie waiting in my sketch books are ready to be brought to life. Hopefully the muse will awaken from her lazy, summer nap.


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NH artist/painter/ environmentalist/ wildlife enthusiast - Susan Parmenter
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3 Responses to Return to winter…

  1. Heidi Lorenz says:

    Hi Susan…I found you! This is great, I will follow you, although, I am so new to this I’m not sure how I follow another blogger i don’t see a follow button on your page here? Any insight would be great. I also think the images are back up on my blog…not sure how they went missing…strange, but, then again not so strange as I hardly know what I am doing, ha, ha!

    • parmenterart says:

      Hi Heidi! Sorry to take so long to reply here. I’ve been super busy and not at my computer much. Thank you for your nice comments. You are an inspiration! I wish I had more time to write (I’m really slow at typing!) but I must be disciplined and focus my creative energies on painting at the moment. But I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Heidi Lorenz says:

    I found the follow button! You write nicely Susan. i love this piece! And, like you winter for me starts with nostalgia and then gets a little tiring like this last snow we had after being teased with that bare ground for a couple weeks…sigh! But, it is a great time for art and of course BLOGGING!!! I look forward to reading more from you!

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